Published December 2009

World Cup legends

The World Cup
The FIFA World Cup takes place every four years and is the biggest international competition for national teams organized through their associations within the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the governing body of the World Cup. The national associations must qualify for the final stages of the tournament through Continental qualifying rounds.

The national team
A national team is a selection of athletes representing a country at international sports competitions. A member of a national team is referred to as an international. In general, national teams wear uniform clothing, the so-called colours, often containing national insignia or reflecting the colours of the national flag, either partially or entirely. In most cases, the colours also depict the emblem of the association concerned. In football jargon, national teams are often also referred to as "Eagles", "Army", "Selection", "Eleven, "Winged Horses", "Lions", "Stars, "Desert Foxes" or simply "World Cup Legends".

Edition South Africa 2010:
Football national teams
1930 - 2010

This unique game contains a selection of the 32 most famous, but not always most successful national teams in the long and colourful history of the Football World Cup. Teams included are - among others - Brazil, Germany, England, Italy, Cameroon, Mexico, The Netherlands, North Korea and El Salvador.

This card game does not represent a ranking, as the qualities of various national teams from different decades are beyond comparison!

This card game is individually numbered by hand and limited to 2.010 sales copies.

50 cents for each sold copy are forwarded to:
Unterstützungsstiftung Kinder in Hamburg e.V.



"La albiceleste" - Argentina
"Seleção" - Brasilien
"DFB-Elf" - Germany
"Squadra Azzurra" - Italy
"Three Lions" - England
"Les Bleus" - France
"Nederlands Elftal" - Netherlands
"Charrúas" - Uruguay
"Bialo-Czerwoni" - Poland
"Blâgult" - Sweden
"The Magical Magyars" - Hungary
"Rote Armee" - UdSSR /Russia
"El Tri" - Mexico
"Selecção das Quinas" - Portugal
"La Selección - Spain
"Taegeuk Ho" - South Korea